The internet of distraction

Forget the Internet of things, consider the Internet of distraction. How much more can we do without the very presence of the web whilst we are working. Have we developed a culture of connectedness where it is impossible to work on one thing for any length of time? I think so! On Saturday I wrote 3000 words for the PATT paper between the hours of 9 and 5 so why is it so hard to write during the working week? Yes there are other things that we need to do but they can be scheduled. It is the ominous big brother of the Internet that reminds us of what we need to do and distracts us from the task we are trying to focus on. So if you want to write, unplug from the Internet and take your ‘wireless off’ laptop to an empty room and don’t come out for at least an hour – go on, you might surprise yourself!

P.S. This post was written on the train between Leicester and Birmingham – internet free.


About Mike Martin

Teacher educator based at Liverpol John Moores University in the UK. Researching subject knowledge of pre-service teachers.
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