The magic of data analysis

clockWalking through the Quad at 0730 and it’s warm. Early start today with the first session at 0800. The was a session of grouped papers with the title <em>Innovative pedagogical activities for teaching the magic of qualitative data analysis<em>.

Jimmie Manning
Uses video to teach students about values in data analysis. He used an example by R Kelly called <em>trapped in the closet</em> – a video that tells a very engaging story. See it on YouTube and see how many episodes you watch…
Students were shown the video and took notes which were then reviewed from a values perspective. He highlighted the importance of using values coding to identify personal value responses when looking through field notes etc.

Sarah Tracy and Shawna Mavini
Draw it: what does academia feel like?
Drawing can be powerful in asking participants to describe what things feel like for people.
There is a difference between coding and interpretation.

Bob Krizek and Melanie Mills
Talking about automythography Рthe enacting and collective performing of stories around cultural myths. He highlighted the difference between narrative and stories Рthere is a difference. This idea has been used effectively as a pedagogical tool Рallowing students to play out an event that mirrored a 60s protest. This was active learning as part of a research methods module.

Sarah Amira
Someone in a group tells a story then a bunch of actors ‘playback’ the story to the originator. the audience then talks about what they have seen visually and point up the difference between the spoken word and visual work. Links here to the work of Freire – community education.

All presenters pointed up the importance of group activities when teaching research methods. the facilitates an understanding of the importance of multiple perspectives on what is being explored.


About Mike Martin

Teacher educator based at Liverpol John Moores University in the UK. Researching subject knowledge of pre-service teachers.
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