Who’s stealing the fruit and veg?

On a lighter note I have been enjoying the food here – fresh and filling. There is a comforting consistency in colour of the things on offer – mostly yellow with a little white and brown. Somehow, in the land of plenty, someone has managed to steal all of the fruit and vegetables! Nobody dares talk of it,  I know, but the result is I have started craving vegetables and fruit… If it continues I shall be forced to seek them out but am not sure if Walmart will help.

hotdogI recognise that driving around in my gold sofa with wheels, and sitting in seminar rooms has been demanding so I need the carbs and protein… But if I want it or not, the humble tomato, lettuce, banana and grape are truly elusive in Champaign. Tomorrow I will start my quest to seek them out!


About Mike Martin

Teacher educator based at Liverpol John Moores University in the UK. Researching subject knowledge of pre-service teachers.
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One Response to Who’s stealing the fruit and veg?

  1. Sandra Horne Martin says:

    Plenty in the fridge here… should I post them out? 🙂

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